A Memorable Trip to Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai

By Long Luo

Do you remember the first time going to somewhere that you enjoyed a lot? Well I remember my first time at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. To be honest this was my first time going to Chimelong Resort. I know what you’re probably thinking right now “wow! He hasn’t been to the before!”.

As part of our annual company team-building activity, we embarked on a day journey to Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai. This extraordinary adventure park is known to house one of the world’s largest aquariums, making it a must-see attraction for marine life enthusiasts like myself.

The highlight of the aquarium was the whale shark, a magnificent creature stretching over ten meters in length. It was truly awe-inspiring to witness such a gigantic, graceful creature up close. The aquarium was also teeming with an array of other aquatic life forms, each one more fascinating than the last.

For the adrenaline junkies among us, the park offered a variety of thrilling rides. The roller coasters were particularly exhilarating, their high-speed twists and turns providing a rush of excitement that left us all breathless and eager for more.

But the fun didn’t stop at thrill rides and marine life. The park was also home to an assortment of animals from the colder regions of the world. We saw penguins waddling around, Arctic wolves prowling, Arctic foxes darting about, and Arctic bears lumbering in their enclosures. Each animal was a sight to behold and added to the overall charm of the park.

Perhaps one of my favorite sections of the park was the Beluga whale and dolphin exhibit. The grace and intelligence of these creatures were captivating. The jellyfish exhibit was another unforgettable experience. Their delicate, luminescent bodies floating in the water was like witnessing an underwater ballet of lights.

In conclusion, our trip to Chimelong Ocean Kingdom was nothing short of spectacular. For a day and a half, we immersed ourselves in a world of fun, thrill, and discovery. It was a joy that transcended the usual office environment, making this team-building activity truly unforgettable. I returned home with a heart full of happiness and a camera full of memories, looking forward to the next adventure.