Just An Ordinary Weekend Daily Record

By Long Luo

While I was watching the live NBA finals, the PM gave me a call said that there were two emergency problems needed to handle.

As I had lunch in the nearby restaurant, I have to go to office to handle the problems.

After I completed the problems at about 4 PM. I decide to watch the movie since I have 2 movie tickets left whose deadline is the end of the month. However, there were seldom films in the Pacific Cinema. I made a choice to watch the Switch which starred by Andy Lau, Chiling Lin and Jingchu Zhang.

In terms of plot, action and scripts, the movie is really a tragedy. Its best comes the fascinating Chiling Lin and other charming actress with some splendid view. The chiling lin shows serval models with kinds of roles in the movie. The jingchu zhang with some girls are also attractive.

That is it.

—By Long Luo 5th, July, 2013 @Shenzhen