LeetCode Top 100 Liked Questions | LeetCode 热题 HOT 100

By Long Luo

The Solutions of LeetCode热题 100 | Top 100 Liked Questions:

No. Problems Difficulty Source Code Solution
001 Two Sum Easy Java 2种方法:暴力 和 HashMap
002 Add Two Numbers Medium Java 2种方法:模拟 和 递归
003 Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters Medium Java
004 Median of Two Sorted Arrays Hard Java 4种方法:合并数组,暴力法,二分搜索,划分数组
005 Longest Palindromic Substring Medium Java
010 Regular Expression Matching Hard Java
011 Container With Most Water Medium Java 2 Approaches: BF and Two Pointers with Image Explaination
015 3Sum Medium Java 3种方法:暴力,Hash,双指针
017 Letter Combinations of a Phone Number Medium Java 4 Approaches: BF 4 Loops, Backtracking, BFS, Queue with Image Explaination
019 Remove Nth Node From End of List Easy Java
020 Valid Parentheses Easy Java
021 Merge Two Sorted Lists Easy Java
022 Generate Parentheses Medium Java 2种方法:暴力法 和 回溯法
023 Merge k Sorted Lists Hard Java
024 Swap Nodes in Pairs Medium Java
025 Reverse Nodes in k-Group Hard Java
031 Next Permutation Medium Java Two Pointers Solution with Detailed Explanation and Code Commented
032 Longest Valid Parentheses Hard Java
033 Search in Rotated Sorted Array Medium Java
034 Search for a Range Medium Java
035 Search Insert Position Medium Java
039 Combination Sum Medium Java
042 Trapping Rain Water Hard Java
045 Jump Game II Medium Java
046 Permutations Medium Java
048 Rotate Image Medium Java
049 Group Anagrams Medium Java
053 Maximum Subarray Medium Java
055 Jump Game Medium Java
056 Merge Intervals Medium Java
062 Unique Paths Medium Java
064 Minimum Path Sum Medium Java
070 Climbing Stairs Easy Java
072 Edit Distance Hard Java
075 Sort Colors Medium Java
076 Minimum Window Substring Hard Java
078 Subsets Medium Java
079 Word Search Medium Java
084 Largest Rectangle in Histogram Hard Java
085 Maximal Rectangle Hard Java
094 Binary Tree Inorder Traversal Medium Java
096 Unique Binary Search Trees Medium Java
098 Validate Binary Search Tree Medium Java
101 Symmetric Tree Easy Java
102 Binary Tree Level Order Traversal Easy Java
104 Maximum Depth of Binary Tree Easy Java
105 Construct Binary Tree from Preorder and Inorder Traversal Medium Java
114 Flatten Binary Tree to Linked List Medium Java
121 Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock Easy Java
128 Longest Consecutive Sequence Hard Java
136 Single Number Easy Java
139 Word Break Medium Java
141 Linked List Cycle Easy Java
142 Linked List Cycle II Medium Java
146 LRU Cache Hard Java
148 Sort List Medium Java
152 Maximum Product Subarray Medium Java
155 Min Stack Easy Java 3种方法:辅助栈,栈,链表
160 Intersection of Two Linked Lists Easy Java
169 Majority Element Easy Java
198 House Robber Easy Java
200 Number of Islands Medium Java
206 Reverse Linked List Easy Java
207 Course Schedule Medium Java
208 Implement Trie (Prefix Tree) Medium Java
210 Course Schedule II Medium Java
215 Kth Largest Element in an Array Medium Java
221 Maximal Square Medium Java
226 Invert Binary Tree Easy Java
230 Kth Smallest Element in a BST Medium Java
234 Palindrome Linked List Easy Java
238 Product of Array Except Self Medium Java
239 Sliding Window Maximum Hard Java
240 Search a 2D Matrix II Medium Java
253 Meeting Rooms II Medium 没权限
279 Perfect Squares Medium Java
283 Move Zeroes Easy Java
287 Find the Duplicate Number Medium Java 9 Approaches: Count, Hash, Sort, Binary Search, Bit, Fast Slow Pointers
297 Serialize and Deserialize Binary Tree Hard Java
300 Longest Increasing Subsequence Medium Java
301 Remove Invalid Parentheses Hard Java
309 Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock with Cooldown Medium Java
312 Burst Balloons Hard Java
322 Coin Change Medium Java
328 Odd Even Linked List Medium Java
337 House Robber III Medium Java
338 Counting Bits Medium Java
347 Top K Frequent Elements Medium Java
394 Decode String Medium Java
399 Evaluate Division Medium Java
406 Queue Reconstruction by Height Medium Java
416 Partition Equal Subset Sum Medium Java
437 Path Sum III Easy Java
438 Find All Anagrams in a String Easy Java 滑动窗口:从HashMap,数组,再到统计字母数量之差
448 Find All Numbers Disappeared in an Array Easy Java
461 Hamming Distance Easy Java
494 Target Sum Medium Java
538 Convert BST to Greater Tree Easy Java
543 Diameter of Binary Tree Easy Java
560 Subarray Sum Equals K Medium Java
572 Subtree of Another Tree Easy Java
581 Shortest Unsorted Continuous Subarray Easy Java
617 Merge Two Binary Trees Easy Java 4 Approaches: Recursion, Iteration, BFS and DFS
621 Task Scheduler Medium Java
647 Palindromic Substrings Medium Java
739 Daily Temperatures Medium Java
763 Partition Labels Medium Java Illustration of the Max Position of the Char in the Partition with Easy Detailed Explanation